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driving lessons weybridge
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driving lessons weybridge

Fleet Driver Training

The right fleet training will save you money and reputation

fleet driver training
The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 indicates that employers have a statutory duty “to carry out an assessment of the risks to the health and safety of their employees” that “includes any driving activity on the road”. Key factors creating the need for this risk assessment are:-

-       Duty of care to employees
-       Legal, moral and social responsibility
-       Economic savings
-       Reputation and “best practice”

Driving is the most dangerous task the majority of employees undertake while at work. Four times as many people are killed while driving for work than any other industrial accident. Driving 25,000 miles a year puts you as much at risk of injury or death at work as a miner or construction worker.
Remember the line "Mirror mirror on the wall" What comes next? You do, as long as you've checked your mirrors. Don't and you could be hit from the rear which is the most common accident on our roads.
On average 63% of all company vehicles will be involved in a road incident within the next 12 months and average repair costs following an accident range between £700 and £5,500 per claim.

Driver training can typically reduce fleet costs by up to 20% in the first year by reduced incidents and insurance premium savings.

Today the police treat the scene of a fatal road collision as an “unlawful killing” and, if appropriate, may interview the employee, managers and company directors. Under today’s legislation if the company’s actions, or lack of them, are deemed to have contributed to the incident, they may be charged with manslaughter.

As well as the personal risk and stress, the reputation of the company as a whole may be threatened.

Financial impact:
What would be the financial benefit if you could reduce fleet costs by 20% through reduced insurance premiums and car repairs?
What financial impact would it have if your company brand was negatively affected by a law suit?
What would be the effect on the company’s finances of your competitors taking a stronger market position as a result?
What would be the impact of lost sales and lost customers?
What would be the impact of the company directors being charged with a legal offence, time off work, negative press, loss of company strategy and direction?
If you want to make sure your fleet driver training is of the highest standards giving your team the confidence and competence to operate efficiently and responsibly on the roads then please give me a call on 07531 877055 or Contact Me Here.