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Check out the latest clips from my YouTube 'Whoops' channel and see some classic driver errors filmed using my state of the art in-car video system.
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driving lessons weybridge
"It's amazing what Dave sees, it's like he has sixth sense!"  Emma, Woking, aged 17.   Read More...
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driving lessons weybridge

Nervous Drivers

Nervous Driver Success Stories

Gail is a 30 year old executive. Her previous driving instructor shouted at her, making her very nervous and Gail explained that it reached the stage where “I just didn't want to go to the lesson”. In the end she was so upset she gave up driving. 

It was only when someone mentioned
Dave Hall that she considered having another go at learning to drive...
“He wasn't pushy and made me instantly relaxed.  My lessons with Dave were always fantastic - fun, stretching and I learnt loads. It couldn't have been any more different from the previous instructor who came from a large driving school.  Dave was  so patient and was always making me laugh!  I couldn't believe how quickly he got me driving.

When I took my test I was feeling confident and I sailed through first time with just two minor mistakes. I can't recommend CAT Driving enough. My friends and colleagues don't believe I've just passed because I drive in such a confident manner. Without Dave's help I would have been stuck using the train and taxis.

I've now been promoted and have a company car allowance. Nothing can stop me now!”

We help nervous parents too!
“My daughter has been taught by CAT Driving. From the start I was determined to get the best driving
instructor for my daughter as the driving skills she was about to be taught will stay with her for a long time. Driver education is the one area where some people take short cuts and buy cheap with the attitude of just get though the test as quickly as possible. We have all read the sad news of young drivers making tragic mistakes and I was determined to give my daughter the driving skills to prevent such a tragedy.   

As an Advanced rider I am fully aware of the potential dangers on the road. Initially the thought of driving on a high speed road terrified her but she can now drive on all types of roads with confidence.

I travel extensively abroad with my work but I am now updated by video clips of my daughter’s driving. Undoubtedly Dave has moved Standard driving instruction to a very high level.

And the icing on the cake is that Dave’s Driving School car is the Citroen DS3. My daughter couldn’t believe she was going to learn to drive in a DS3 - apparently it’s rated as Top Gear Car of the Year”.

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When entering a dual carriageway don't forget to shoulder check before moving lanes (look at Whoops and you will see why). You must cover the blind spots and every car has them!!