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driving lessons weybridge
"It's amazing what Dave sees, it's like he has sixth sense!"  Emma, Woking, aged 17.   Read More...
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driving lessons weybridge

Nervous Driver?

5 Top Tips to help you find the best driving instructor
If you're a nervous driver, choosing the right driving coach for you is essential.  You want to be taught by someone who is going to build your confidence, not damage it further.

You need someone who won't make a big deal over minor errors and who will encourage you patiently and expertly.

Here are 5 Top Tips to help you find a driving instructor who will help you banish your nerves:

1. Interview the instructor. What is their background in working with nervous and stressed people? What specialist training courses have they attended? Do they have counselling skills? What is special about them and why do they do this job?

2. Big is not always best. So think of what service an independent instructor can give compared to a large company who sometimes use partly trained instructors. What is the driving instructor’s attitude to Customer Service? What are their Values? What really motivates them to teach driving skills?

3. How does the instructor monitor their services and products? Do they ask for feedback from their clients? Do they act on that feedback? How involved do parents feel about their children’s driving coaching? Are they invited to participate in driving lessons and agree lesson goals and future training objectives?

4. Ask for references - what experiences have other people had with this instructor?

5. What track record does the instructor have as a driver? What are their grades on the ADI Check Tests? What other professional driving qualifications are they maintaining and to what levels? What else can they teach once you have passed the driving test. How can they continue to monitor and develop your driving skills? What else can they offer apart from teaching beginners?

I'm passionate about teaching my students how to drive confidently.  I have undertaken specialist training in trauma counselling to help me empathise with nervous drivers who have had bad experiences while driving or as a passenger.  If you are a nervous driver and want to be less stressed behind the wheel, then please give me a call and together we'll get you back on the road.  Call me on:  07531 87705 for a no obligation chat, or Contact Me here.

Nervous Driver Success Stories
is a 30 year old executive. Her previous driving instructor shouted at her, making her very nervous and Gail explained that it reached the stage where “I just didn't want to go to the lesson”. In the end she was so upset she gave up driving.  It was only when someone mentioned
Dave Hall that she considered having another go at learning to drive...  Read more...
Remember the line "Mirror mirror on the wall" What comes next? You do, as long as you've checked your mirrors. Don't and you could be hit from the rear which is the most common accident on our roads.