driving lessons weybridge
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Check out the latest clips from my YouTube 'Whoops' channel and see some classic driver errors filmed using my state of the art in-car video system.
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driving lessons weybridge
"It's amazing what Dave sees, it's like he has sixth sense!"  Emma, Woking, aged 17.   Read More...
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driving lessons weybridge
Choose CAT Driving - For Driving Lessons Weybridge & Woking
If you are 17 years + and want to be ready to pass your driving test as quickly as possible then this is the package for you.

With CAT Driving you won't just scrape your test, you'll be ready and confident to take on the challenges of driving unaccompanied.  I love driving and I want you to love the open road too.  For a current price list please Contact CAT.

Pass Plus fills in the gaps the standard driving test leaves.  I strongly recommend my students follow-up passing their test with this short course which prepares you for driving on motorways, dual carriageways, rural and night driving. 

Think it's crazy that newly qualified drivers are allowed out onto motorways without being taught how to drive on them?  I do too!  Book this course for your peace of mind.  For a current price list please Contact CAT.

My refresher course is relevant to experienced drivers of all ages.  4 hours of coaching will ensure your skills are up to date and moved to the next level.  This course is particularly useful if you have just invested in a more powerful vehicle or if your job involves more travel than you're used to.  For a current price list please Contact CAT.
If you've never had enough confidence to enjoy driving then let me help you.  I can take you through the scenarios that cause you the most stress and teach you ways to deal with them easily.  Read some nervous driver success stories here. For a current price list please Contact CAT.
When you've have had a traumatic experience behind the wheel, it can become almost impossible to get back into driving without fearing that the same thing will happen again. 

I am an NLP-TRIM qualified instructor (stress management) so I can coach you through the stress of getting back into the car and help you to put the incident in context.  Let me help you recover and rediscover your love of driving.  For a current price list please Contact CAT.
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When entering a roundabout always look early in all directions. Plan to stop but be prepared to go.