driving lessons weybridge
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Check out the latest clips from my YouTube 'Whoops' channel and see some classic driver errors filmed using my state of the art in-car video system.
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driving lessons weybridge
"It's amazing what Dave sees, it's like he has sixth sense!"  Emma, Woking, aged 17.   Read More...
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driving lessons weybridge
I offer bespoke packages for companies with employees that cover many miles for their business.  By providing your fleet car drivers with advanced driving skills which focus on safety, advanced planning and effectiveness, driving incidents can be reduced and insurance premiums lowered.  Read more about fleet driver training here... For a current price list please Contact CAT.
I have invested in the top spec RoadHawk In-Car Safety Camera System which records your driving session and allows us to review specific scenarios so you can see how you handled them and how you could do things differently. 

You can also update relatives and friends on your driving progress by sending them a CD!  I'll be using the system to record clips for my "Whoops" Youtube Channel, where I'll be pointing out classic driving errors and explaining how and why they happen.  Don't worry, your session won't be featured unless you want it to!!

There is no additional charge for this feature unless you order an edited CD.
One of the most stressful things you can ever do is try and teach your child to drive!  For some reason, advice they'll take from me is not received so well when it comes from Mum or Dad!  But one of the keys to driving success is plenty of practice, the more frequently they can get out in the car, the more experience they'll gain. 

So accompany us in the CAT car for a session and pick up some coaching tips which will help you become a better in-car advisor.  This package enables a better synergy between instructor, parent and student and ensures consistent messages are being given and that you are kept up to speed with your child's progress. Parents can accompany us at no additional charge.

To book any of these packages or request a current price list please Contact Me.
Never U-turn on a Mini Roundabout. Other drivers don't expect you to and you are risking a rear-end shunt (look at Whoops to see the potential onsequences!)
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