driving lessons weybridge
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Check out the latest clips from my YouTube 'Whoops' channel and see some classic driver errors filmed using my state of the art in-car video system.
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driving lessons weybridge
"It's amazing what Dave sees, it's like he has sixth sense!"  Emma, Woking, aged 17.   Read More...
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driving lessons weybridge
Comments from a few of my happy customers...
"It's amazing what Dave sees its like he has sixth sense. It's because of his experience as an advanced Police Driver and he's teaching me all that stuff - it's brilliant. My mum is amazed at how quickly I've advanced." 
Emma, Woking
"Dave is always calm he's a great trainer. I always look forward to my next lesson."
Liv, Pyrford
"That Citroen DS3 1.6 is fab.  Can't believe I get to drive one of those while I'm learning!" 
Tom, Weybridge
When entering a dual carriageway don't forget to shoulder check before moving lanes (look at Whoops and you will see why). You must cover the blind spots and every car has them!!
“My son suffers from mild Asberger’s syndrome. I chose Dave and CAT Driving because I know he helps out with disability sailing at his sailing club and he has experience in dealing with different learning styles and stressful situations. He is also very highly qualified as a Driving Instructor and has years of experience as a Police Driver. He teaches in a state of the art car which my son thinks is fun to drive and he looks forward to his lessons with Dave.

Dave has shown patience and consideration every step of the way. He updates my husband and I after the lessons and George has progressed at a remarkable rate.  We asked Dave if we would be able to supervise George in his own car and Dave told us that he was ready to drive without dual controls after only a handful of lessons. When George took his father out at the weekend we expected a jerky pavement-riding experience but nothing could be farther from the truth. Not only did George drive off smoothly with all the safety checks, but he then started to point out all the hazards as he drove along the road - totally remarkable. Dave has taught him much more than just how to pass his test; he has included aspects of Advanced driving which make both his father and I feel a lot happier about George’s potential to be safe on the road.

We are so proud of our son's driving.  Dave shrugs off a lot of compliments saying that George has natural ability. We think it's Dave who has a natural ability to teach driving skills.”
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